Moxi Installations

The Moxi is the hardware component within our H2 Control Pack, and we have almost completed an installation process across all of our Public Toilets.  It gives both ourselves and our clients visibility on what is happening, and what we would like to happen, in the toilet. The image below is of our Moxi Pro.

With the H2 Control Pack, we can see the number of people using a facility, whether the cleaner has arrived, the utility readings, sharps records and the “preventative maintenance” program.  It also gives us control over the opening and closing time of the toilet.

Our most recent order has been to fit H2 Control Packs into a set of traditional toilets, accompanied with a coiner system on the door.  This is a quick and efficient fix to improving the economics of a toilet and gathering information on its use and management.

The key saving is in not having to send a staff member to open and close the toilet, as this can now happen automatically – giving both financial and significant environmental gains.