Towns and Village Halls

The stock of cold and drafty halls, with expensive upkeep and limited benefits to the community, remains high across the UK and Ireland. But demand for safe, accessible local accommodation remains high, especially amongst groups with a shared interest who want to meet locally. These include uses for:

  • Pilates and Yoga.
  • Knitting and Sewing.
  • Faith groups.
  • Aerobics.

In fact, it is impossible to predict which groups will grow and prosper in a local area and trends will emerge and fall over the years. The important thing from the community perspective is to have a flexible space which will adapt to the multiple uses it is likely to cope with.

We will help you design a building which is not only fit for purpose today but will last you many years into the future (all our buildings come with a 60 year warranty). The aspects to consider are size and number of rooms.

Access control systems which help maximise benefit but require minimum management. Exteriors which compliment the community and require low levels of maintenance. Roofing systems, like green roofs, which help bring the community climate targets to reality.

Lots of people doing yoga in a field of grass
Outdoor Yoga is not always possible in the UK and Ireland