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Healthmatic Ltd

Redman Road
Porte Marsh Ind Estate
SN11 9PL

T: 01249 822063
F: 01249 823140

Your Contacts

Managing Director:
Piers Dibben: 07771 917760

General Manager
Martin Fearon: 07885 404495

Technical Director:
Andy Davies: 07860 269980

Business Development Manager:
Mal Holt: 07800 602412

Head of Contract Delivery:
Olga Haydon: 07715 674755

In the Office

Stores Manager: Mike Ellis (

Accounts Administrator:  Samantha Ellis 

Office Administrator:  Debbie O’Hara

Our Associations

British Toilet Association

Society of Local Council Clerks

National Association of Local Councils

Fire Protection

Engineering Advice