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Client update – Coronavirus

Some of our clients may take the decision at some point, that maintaining the availability of public toilets for use during the period of COVID-19 special measures is no longer of public benefit, they may decide to temporarily close toilets or reduce opening hours to core times. Where this is the case Healthmatic will act accordingly to close facilities in a manner which ensures they are safe and in a hygienic condition. We will continue to ensure that they remain safe, do not pose a risk to the public and are maintained in a condition which will allow rapid re-opening as needs change. Our complete range of support services will remain available to our clients and may be deployed as and when required in support of contractual or public service obligations.

Where the re-deployment of our services may be of benefit in an area which is perceived as a  higher priority, we will work with our clients to support their needs.

Healthmatic specialises in the provision and management of Smarter Public Toilets, and the implementation of offsite systems for Footfall Counting and Data Capture. Our team of engineers and operatives deliver a comprehensive management service to the wide range of assets we support.

We work with all tiers of local government, tourism and environmental groups and transport hubs and have contracts with over 165 public authorities and staff based across the UK and Ireland.

Our objective is to provide our clients with products and services which help them reduce their costs while improving the service to the users.

Smarter Public Toilets

Public toilets do not need to cost the earth. Careful use of automation, targeting resources and strategic charging where necessary will all act to keep the costs to a reasonable level.

Healthmatic designs and manages public toilets in Parks, Streetscene and increasingly Changing Places toilets. We have local managers who will be able to look at your toilets and help you make the right decisions about how best to operate your facilities.

Footfall & Data

We manage over fifteen hundred offsite locations on behalf of our clients.  From outdoor footfall and bicycle counting through to asset monitoring, we have a range of systems for sensing, holding and communicating remote data via our web portal.  

Our systems provide objective offsite data back to the desktop in order for our clients to understand and act upon real time information.

Specialist Operations

As well as managing 650 public toilets for Councils, our team of 15 engineers and over 50 sub contractors have a wide brief and their duties include the management of our access control equipment, Wallgate Hand Wash systems and plumbing.

Within our group, we have skills that cover electrics, plumbing, security and wireless technologies, and manage assets literally from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Access Control

Healthmatic provides and maintains access systems for toilets, parks, recreation grounds and public buildings. 

Our main products are designed to raise revenue from buildings and spaces like toilets and libraries which are accessible to the public. These can be operated with coins or tokens, as well as contactless cards and Radar keys. We also install timed access solutions and bespoke solutions for community halls.


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Healthmatic have made a massive contribution to the development of public toilets across the UK.
Richard Chiswell
British Toilet Association