Public Toilet Cleaning

Toilets are public services that all users hope and expect to be clean but in practice often end up disappointed.  Our aim is to change the perception of public toilets, and make them attractive and welcoming places to visit. Over 70% of our staff are focused on public toilet cleaning, with depots across the UK and Ireland.

It is crucial to pay special attention to hygienically sensitive areas such as the toilets. This is especially the case after the pandemic, and the understandable nervousness of the public in public space. This not only presents staff and visitors with pleasant environment, but also encourages usage.  

In order to maintain the high standards that we aim for:

  • All staff receive regular training. We look forward to the British Cleaning Association working with the Government to bring in genuine benchmarkable standards.
  • We operate a strict colour-coding system. All equipment is colour coded and each colour can only be used in predetermined areas to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Where possible, we help the clients design their toilets to maximise cleanliness and minimise the potential for hygiene issue hot spots.

We clean our own installations and many other public toilet, transport hubs and buildings.  We will often be asked to clean all a clients toilets as part of a cleaning service contract associated with installing a new modular toilet or toilet block.