public toilet operations

Public Toilet Operations

With over 650 toilets and 2000+ Footfall monitoring installations spread across the UK and Ireland, our public toilet operations team manage a wide variety of programs for different clients, with each one having some unique twist.  Many of the systems we manage have been installed by Healthmatic, but we clean and maintain a wide range of other toilets and assets for Councils, each one controlled through our HM Control System. Healthmatic are actively seeking opportunities to clean and maintain toilets for district, town and parish councils as well as other electronically based systems.

Our operational team run the four core programs of work listed below. Please click the links for more details.

Remote Monitoring – HM Control 
Each toilet we manage is typically fitted with our HM Control system which is connected by modem, both to our Head Office and to our local engineer.

With HM Control, we can see the number of people using a facility, whether the cleaner has arrived, the utility readings, sharps records and the “preventative maintenance” program. It also gives us control over the opening and closing time of the toilet.

Attending & Cleaning
Healthmatic manage toilets for 120 different Public Authorities across the UK. Our teams are run from 8 different depots positioned strategically across the UK and Ireland.

We have a team of field engineers, based throughout the UK and Ireland, who carry tablet computers which keep them informed of the status of their toilets. In addition to reactive visits, the engineer will visit each unit regularly to carry out routine maintenance and to replenish consumables.

As part of Healthmatic’s ISO 9001 accreditation, all of the toilets are independently checked quarterly to ensure that the required standards are being met.

Cash & Coin Management 
Over 50% of the toilets we clean or maintain now involve some sort of cash collection and management. Our service covers collection, banking, provision of fully audited reports and change machine management. The issue of VAT always looms large in our revenue management as Councils do not pay VAT on the revenue, while private contractors are obliged to pay 20% back to HMRC.