Healthmatic Toilet Doors

The toilet door provides the most important interface between the client and either the toilet lobby or the cubicle. The balance between user friendliness, ease of management and anti-vandal is a difficult operation, but our doors, after many iterations, are as good as modern equipment allows.

Robust and Effective

Toilet doors will be subject to a variety of anti social behaviour and need to be able to deal with this but at the same time, open and close easily and reliably.

Our doors are fitted with four sets of twin hinges all mounted within a steel frame around the door. Integrated closers are mounted in the top frame so that they cannot be interferred with, and high quality strike locks have the necessary strength to deal with unusual forces.

The door can be fitted with our access management system, allowing for coin, cashless, key or button entry. 15 minutes after entry, the door will automatically unlock if the user has not exited.

Healthmatic doors are fitted on both lobby style traditional toilets and direct access toilets.


Door Leaf

  • Manufactured from 1.5mm Magnalis Steel.
  • Integrated Dorma ITS96 door closer.
  • Finished in specified RAL.
Accessible Public Toilet Door in Bingley
Accessible Public Toilet Door in Bingley

Electronic Door Management Options

  • Door can open freely without payment/other access system if required
  • Door opening can be controlled by:
    • Coin Access, Contactless Payment, RADAR key, RFID Reader, Key Pad.
  • Auto timed lock and unlock of facility in morning and evening.