Car Counters

The number of cars entering a National Park, a local park, or simply a car park is essential information for the manager of the area to know how much resource is necessary to manage the effects of the cars, and also offers the opportunity for the operator to understand both the monetary cost and potential revenue from the cars.

As with people counters, we have two main approaches to counting cars in outdoor locations.


Magnetometers can be situated to the side of a road or track in order to identify a moving car. A car emits a strong electronic field, and the device will be able to identify this up to 8m away. (and therefore unlike a bike counter, they do not need to be positioned under the road surface).

As with bike systems, they can be combined with a pair of PIR sensors to identify the direction of travel of the cars.


We also use RadioBeam technology to identify cars. Radiobeams are very flexible in this way and a single unit can in fact identify a car as well as a pedestrian or bike. They are more expensive than magnetometers, but over the long term their accuracy and dependability will make this worthwhile.


All counters will be linked to a communications system which will then send the data to the Data Centre and then displayed to the client via the web portal.


Car counters can be combined with both people and bike counters across paths up to 6m wide.

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