Outdoor People Counting

Outdoor people counting is the tool that will help you make the big decisions. At the heart of many of the decisions that you make when managing public resources is knowing the number of people using a service or space. If you expect thousands everyday, you need to think about litter pickers, bin collections and coffee stands.

With low usage, you will be thinking about weed killing and volunteers. Either way, it is essential that you build your decisions on facts rather than fiction.

Footfall Sensors

The purpose of a footfall survey, whether it is full time or temporary, is to accurately identify the usage per hour and per day over the period of the survey.

The type of equipment for people counters that we use will depend on:

1. The location in terms of availability of comms and accessibility.

2. The expected time period of the survey (1 month to 10 years).

3. The physical width of the counting area, and whether directional counting is required.

RadioBeams (RB)

RBs use the change in the radio waves as they pass through an object to identify what it has recorded. They can be set to identify people, cars, bikes, horses and probably hedgehogs (though no one has ever asked). This can be set to simply count every person passing, or to analyse the direction as well.

Some authorities need information accurately every day, whether it is snowing, raining or blowing leaves everywhere. In these circumstances you will need Radio Beam Technology which is able to measure across wide gateways, cutting through the environmental factors, to bring you accurate data regardless of what is thrown at it.

RBs are mostly used in long term counting situations like coastal paths or cycle ways, where their long term robustness, accuracy and good battery life are best shown.

Passive Infra Red Sensors (PIR)

For less harsh environments, we use Passive Infra Red sensors. They have the distinct advantage of being more cost effective than RBs and are easily installed and moved by local staff. In doorways and gates, they are ideal and difficult to beat.

A PIR will detect a change in heat passing a location. This is used for outdoor counting of people or other objects in a relatively restricted location like a gateway or door.


All counters will be linked to a communications system which will then send the data to the Data Centre and then displayed to the client via the web portal.


People counters can be combined with both bike and car counters across paths up to 6m wide.

Download our leaflet on our Footfall counters here.

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