Healthmatic design, install and maintain toilets Councils, other Public Authorities and transport hubs across the UK and Ireland.   Our service ranges from designing a toilet for some customers through to design, install and operate the whole service for others, and in many variants of this in between.

We have been installing and managing toilets since 1990, and although some of the earlier installations are now starting to be removed or changed, almost 30 years later,  the vast majority are still in the field and operational.

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Design & Installation

If you are planning a new project, or even just conceiving a new project for a new toilet or set of toilets, we will be very happy to help.  We employ a dedicated CAD technician who will be able to help you bring your plans to fruition, as well as a number of the off the shelf cubicle systems and buildings which we employ in different circumstances.

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If you are looking for a reliable company to manage your toilets, then Healthmatic is well positioned to help.  We have 8 depots, 12 engineers  and approximately 100 mobile operatives covering the UK and Ireland.

Our clients are Local Authorities, transport  hubs and shopping centres. All our toilets are public facing.

Our management costs are paid sometimes by the client, sometimes entirely by the end customer with their 20p’s or 50p’s, and most often a combination of the two.

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