Modular Changing Places brought to you by Healthmatic and Astor Bannerman

Many organisations limit their Changing Places options by solely focussing on an internal adaptation. Our quick-build Modular Changing Places create space, rather than taking it — ensuring the optimal internal layout.  We have teamed up with Astor Bannerman  to provide the top Changing Places equipment to provide the best in class range of options for your area.

Our pre-fabricated Changing Places are delivered and lifted into position on-site as a complete unit. This minimises disruption to any existing buildings, whilst accelerating build times and improving quality control. Astor Bannerman provide all the internal fittings, while Healthmatic use their well established construction approach to deliver the most efficient building.

Each unit provides 12sqm of internal floor space, a minimum internal ceiling height of 2.4m and premium equipment throughout. Additional features, such as roof lanterns and internal feature walls, are used to further enhance user experience. The toilet can be fitted alongside other toilet cubicles, as well as a store or shop. We have one in Buckingham fitted into the same building as the Mobility shop. 

Aesthetics can be tailored both inside and out. The external shell can be clad in materials to compliment your existing buildings or environment, plus we provide a wide range of internal colours and finishes.

Changing places that are delivered and lifted into position on-site as a complete unit.

How Does our Modular Changing Place Help You?


There may be no suitable space available to install a Changing Places toilet in existing buildings. A Changing Places room should ideally be 12m2 and the cost of remodelling rooms to find space might be more than a modular, drop-in style complete Changing Places room.

Astor Bannerman

Our partnership with Astor Bannerman means that you are guaranteed the best Changing Places certified equipment.


Our Changing Places can be fitted alongside other modular toilets and a café or other supporting business.

Modular Changing Places

The Changing Places Campaign

In the UK alone, there are over 11.4 million disabled people who require accessible toilets

And over 230,000 people who need the additional support which Changing Places toilets provide

This can be broken down as follows:

130,000 older people
40,000 people with profound learning disabilities
30,000 people with Cerebral Palsy
13,000 people with acquired brain injury
8,500 people with Multiple Sclerosis
8,000 people with Spina Bifida
500 people with Motor Neurone Disease

Changing Places facilities provide more space (12sqm2) and equipment than a DOC-M accessible toilet.

This, therefore, provides adequate room for extra equipment such as a Ceiling Hoist, Changing Table, Washbasin, Peninsular Toilet etc. and allows space to accommodate carers to easily help the user. The change in regulations in the UK means that many buildings over a certain size will now require a Changing Places room to be installed if a new build or undergoing renovations.