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Healthmatic specialises in the design and management of civic amenities, including public toilets, access control and waste bins.  Our services ranges from full research, design, and installation of new assets through to the day to day management and operation of existing facilities.

About Us

Our aim is to provide products and services to our clients which help them reduce their costs while improving the service to the users. 

Our Clients

We work with all tiers of local Government, Shopping Centres, FM companies and Transport Hubs across the UK and Ireland.  There has been steadily more activity amongst Town, Parish and Community Councils as the Local Authorities continue to off load their non statutory services downstream. Today we have contracts with over 160 separate Public Authorities, with staff based across the UK and Ireland.

We regularly consult with Councils to provide plans and reviews for their current stock.  Please do consider these  examples which other Local Authorities have been happy to share.

Contact Us

Please have a look at our website, call 01249 822063 or complete our online enquiry form for any information you require.  You can also follow all our daily activity on Twitter - @healthmatic


Cost Effective Public Toilets

Your Public Toilets do not need to cost the earth. Diligent use of automatic equipment, careful rostering of staff duties, local employment, targeted public toilet cleaning and coin operated access where appropriate will all contribute to reduce the costs and improve the service.  In fact we now operate a high number of toilets which are more than 50% subsidised by the entry charge.

Hay on Wye
Coin Pay

Workflow and Staff Audit

Paddlegate Usage - tophalf

Our clients can actively manage all their assets with connected control systems embedded into their architecture.  With all our parks, toilets and bins, we know usage, cleaning times and money audits via the "node" installed at each site.

We employ the same node for counting people, and doing footfall audits for Councils as they decide how best to use their assets.

DA1 - Triple Galway (2)

Solar Bins


We clean and maintain 100's of bins across the UK on behalf of Taylor Bins and Big Belly.  These inspirational bins, use solar energy to compact the waste in the bin, meaning that the emptying routine can be reduced by up to 80%, saving time and money.