Public Toilet Cleaning

Toilets are public services that all users hope and expect to be clean but in practice end up disappointed.  In the areas where we work, we are changing this perception.

Healthmatic take the cleaning of public toilets very seriously.  Over the years we have built up some golden rules to help run our toilets and janitor cleaning service. Our cleaners:

  • Speak English
  • Live or work within a ½ mile of the toilet for which they are responsible
  • Have daily contact with their line manager
  • Carry a mobile phone to communicate with the office
  • Have full training in the cleaning process and understand the products they are using

We clean our own installations and many other public toilet, transport hubs and buildings.  We will often be asked to clean all a clients toilets as part of a janitor cleaning service contract associated with installing a new modular toilet or toilet block.

One of the features of the last two years has been the consortium approach by Councils to having their cleaning managed. An example of this would be Oxfordshire.