The Zero Range

The Zero range – Innovative public toilets designed to help communities move towards Net-Zero. If your community is looking for high-quality public toilets which cut carbon while saving money then the Zero is the option for you.

The Zero range doesn’t need to be connected to services. This means they can dramatically reduce the costs for water supply, sewerage, electricity and cleaning.

The Zero system turns any of our existing bathrooms into a low carbon option. In addition, we offer a self-contained low maintenance building designed for more remote locations. These are suitable for locations such as busy footpaths, beaches, car parks, golf courses, monuments and bird watching sites.


Zero water flush. No sewage connection, doing away with carbon-intensive and costly groundworks.

Zero services. The extremely low power needs can be supplied by a solar panel and battery system.

Towards Net-Zero. Built from carbon neutral or low carbon materials.

Smart monitoring. Real-time feedback and savings reports.

Low running costs. Zero off-grid toilet running costs are a fraction of those of a full public toilet.

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What’s inside?

The engine of our Zero range is the Cuvaire toilet. An elegant toilet system that uses a conveyor belt to move the waste and separates the waste for efficient and odourless treatment.