Paddle Gates

Paddle gates

Controlling access to toilets, libraries and other public spaces, whether for the purpose of charging for entry, managing throughput by smartcard or simply to limit the number of people entering an area, is best achieved with the universally recognised paddle gates.

Our paddle gates, manufactured by us here in Wiltshire, are produced to a high specification and are targeted at toilets with a high user throughput. The types of location would be busy tourist centres, seaside locations or town and city centres.

The Healthmatic Paddle gate has a compact footprint which allows it to be fitted in narrow entrances and corridors, whilst still providing a wide aisle opening up to 620mm.

The durable stainless steel construction allows it to shrug off the vandalism and wear associated with constant contact with the public.

Paddle Gate Entry Control Systems

The paddle gate can be operated with our range of entry control systems. The most regular setup is for Coin and contactless access to be integrated giving the user complete flexibility.

  • Coins set to the desired tariff.
  • RADAR Key.
  • Contactless Card or RFID reader.
  • Keypad entry.

In each case a full audit trail is prepared by the system which can be printed locally or, where required, be sent direct to the web via the Cloud.

Key Benefits of a Paddle Gate
  • Fully controlled access.
  • Reliable operation – low maintenance.
  • Full footfall audit and statistics.
  • Single or bi-directional.
  • Compact footprint.

Advanced safety devices mean the Healthmatic Paddle gate is completely safe for use in all applications: in the event of power failure the paddle moves freely; the paddle ‘slow down’ and the contact sensor eliminate the possibility of injury through trapping; photocells ensure the paddle does not close until the user has passed fully through the gate; and of course the Paddle gate is designed to comply with guidelines on the safe operation of automatic gates (BS7036).

Find more information about the data available from our various access control facilities here.

April 1, 2019 2:42 pm

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