Objective Offsite Data direct to your Desktop

Healthmatic captures data from streets, footpaths, buildings and other assets and provides assistance to the issues around asset and revenue allocation.

We have a range of devices and sensors can be operated with battery or mains power and are connected to the cloud to carry the data to your desktop in a timely and accurate way.  They can therefore be positioned anywhere you need them.

Our outdoor footfall counters for instance could be positioned in the middle of a National Park, without power, and faithfully report the footfall every day, hour by hour, back to your desktop.

Why is objective data important?

  • Resource Allocation: Spend your revenue on assets which are used and valued by your community.  By counting people on a footpath or in the play park, you can make objective decisions based on evidence not emotion.
  • Asset Management: Understand and act upon usage patterns. Clear paths that are well used, empty bins when they are full, open toilets when they are needed.  Manage your assets in a smart way, not by rote.
  • Communication: Data is a dynamic and constantly changing medium and is most valuable when live. Which car parking spaces are free is important to visiting shoppers.  How many people are on the High Street is important to retailers.  You can be bold and communicative when you have hard evidence.

Typical Footfall Data