Bespoke Public Toilets

It is possible to house our cubicles in buildings of just about any style.  We have our in house design team,  who can produce buildings to your specification, or we construct to your design.  The objective is always to produce a public restroom building which is fit for purpose as well as complimenting the local environment.

It is often best to employ our design team from the outset of a project.  There is absolutely no charge for this service, and we will help you specify and design a building which will work best for your anticipated users.

The many different requirements of user groups and locations mean that toilets need to be designed carefully to suit the environment.  It is stating the obvious but there is no point installing a 24 hour toilet in a children’s park, nor installing a non 24 hour outside a nightclub.

The first picture is a copper clad building in Galway, Ireland. The second pictures show toilets at a tube and bus station, which were both built using GRP and utilise the colour schemes of the local transport franchise.

Finally, the building below that we constructed and manage for the Southbank Centre.  The Jubiloo.