The British Toilet Association AGM

Every year the BTA conference is held amongst the turmoil of service cuts, closures, low pay, and … what to do about it.

Well 2013 will not be any different.  Out of our portfolio of 450 toilets or so, we have lost 10% this year through cuts in Council provision and we would anticipate the same next year.  The lure of immediate revenue over long term expense is often too much for Councillors in the quest to balance the books.

Councillors will always get tempted by revenue options…

So is this all bad news?  We don’t think so.  As well as closures, Councils are beginning to focus on how best to target their provision.  Town Councils are identifying toilets as one of the key items in “their mix” to make sure that visitors come to their high street.  Tourist destinations are investing in their toilets – Bath, York, Scarborough, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Pembrokeshire, Cornwall.  City Centres are using their BID money to invest in facilities.

Overall this will lead to better and more sustainable long term provision.  To hear more and contribute to the debate, please do come to the AGM which is 14th November in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  Please contact or call 02891 477397 for further details.

October 11, 2013 12:00 am

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