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Rates to be Removed?

David Cameron has pledged to do more to save Britain's dwindling number of public lavatories.

The Prime Minister said he would examine the case for lifting thousands of pounds of taxes from them every year to try to save them from closure.

He said: “The whole issue of how public toilets are treated for business rates for instance is an issue they want to put very firmly on table and I think that is important.

“It may sound to some people like a fringe issue – but when you are dealing with wanting to have lots of tourists, with having lots of beach resorts, this is a really important issue.

Healthmatic says:   Too right Dave!  The number of public toilets has dropped by 2/3rds over the last 15 years, while the Government has continued to tax toilets till the P***s squeak!  It doesn' take a Doctor to let you know that this is a painful condition for both the Public and a toilet business!