Eco Toilets

The cost of running a set of public toilets is sometimes prohibitive for a local community. The costs of regular cleaning, utilities and maintenance all act to make it difficult to justify their operation.

Eco off-grid toilets are perfect for locations which are more remote from mainstream sites but still have a regular requirement for a toilet. Typical examples would be busy footpaths, beaches, car parks, monuments and bird watching sites.

By using air and evaporation to break down the deposits and a robust design to withstand the elements, our Eco waterless toilets have proven themselves in over 500 locations across Europe.

Ecotoilets use two approaches to breaking down matter – either air dried or using worms. The right choice for you will depend on the situation and the likely number of visitors to the area.

The cost of running a waterless toilet is a fraction of the cost of a full public toilet and while it does not provide running water for washing, nor a heated seat, it is a facility that will be available when the need arises.