The 2000 – Modular Toilet Building

The 2000 is made of glass reinforced concrete.  This is a tough exterior shell designed to house, most commonly, our T-Box APC.  The 2000 has the appearance of a real building and has proved very popular in areas of sensitive planning.

The walls can be coloured to suit most environments from Bath stone through to Red clay.  All the client has to do is specify the RAL colour code.  The exterior is covered also in anti graffiti paint to reduce the effects of the young scribes and their fly posters.

The Wessex – Modular Toilet Building

The Wessex is designed as a Heritage style cladding to our APC.  This stand alone building is popular in urban areas as well as in parks and green spaces.

It currently is manufactured as a single unit only, and proves to be the most popular of the range.

The glass reinforced concrete walls create a ripple effect cladding which makes it hard to stick up fly posters and draw graffiti.  With over 1000 installed across Europe, the ability of the exterior to withstand abuse is regularly tested by local youth.

The Wessex is designed to house our modular toilet, the APC only.