Healthmatic Direct Access Toilets

  • Direct Access with no Lobby
  • Environmentally efficient
  • Practical for cleaning
  • User friendly

Our “Semi Automatic” Public toilet provides a safe and clean environment for the toilet user which has all the durability required for a public facing toilet and can be cleaned efficiently as many times per day as required.  They are an essential toilet system for most environments, including a busy town centre, in green space or on the edge of a car park.

Healthmatic design public toilets to fit the environment both in terms of numbers of users as well as the streetscene and local civic architecture.  They can be installed in singles or as a number of cubicles.  Prior to the design stage, we will sit down with the client to discuss requirements, or if there is already an existing toilet, we can install footfall counters to identify the actual usage.

The cubicles can be different sizes for DDA compliance and adjusted for other, such as baby changing and sharps bin. The interior is light and airy with a portico style window with reinforced vandal proof doors.

Access is managed via paddlegates, contactless payement or coin payment system, or simply by time of day.  The interior is vandal resistant with an easy clean interior to make your clients happy.

The toilet can be fitted with a modem connected to head office which is aware of all activity, including cleaner and engineer visits.  We have installed these toilets for over 100 Local Authorities including Cotswold District CouncilBathTorbayNorth Somerset, and York.