HM Control System

HM Control System

HM Control is the audit and control system for Public Toilets. It provides the contract manager with full information about activity at the toilet, understand the usage, as well as the ability to manage the open and close timings of the toilet over the web.

The heart of the system will either be the Moxi Lite or the Full Moxi. This is fitted in the service area, and connected to the doors and sensors in the toilet.

Key Benefits

  • Identify cleaner visits when and who visited. This is crucial to correct deployment of cleaning staff. An exception report will also reveal if a cleaner HAS NOT visited in the predetermined timescale.
  • Allows for Supervisor, Inspection or Engineer visits to be recorded to allocate costs based on time and attendance at the unit per person in the work force. It also records the reason for the visit.
  • Count entries – by door or cubicle (if Direct Access). How many people used the toilet per hour, per day and per week and what time.
  • Audit of cash taken if this is a ‘pay to use’ unit. What coinage is in the cash bag; how full it is and the cash which was emptied at the last removal. This is used as a key internal audit tool.
  • Remote ability to set the open and close times of the toilet, as well as vary the charge on the doors as required.
  • It also allows for meter readings and sharps usage
April 1, 2019 5:22 pm

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