Chinese lead the way


President Xi Jinping’s support for a campaign to build thousands of public toilets at tourist sites in China has ushered in a golden age of lavatory construction, as the government seeks to promote travel as a new economic growth engine.

While other elements of the Communist party’s ambitious economic reform plan have appeared to founder in the face of entrenched opposition, local officials are raising high the banner of China’s “toilet revolution”. According to the China National Tourism Administration, it built 14,320 toilets in 2015 and upgraded an additional 7,689.

This toilet above is part of the new wave.  With the customer able to deal with a wide range of requirements from charging a phone, using the ATM, or visiting the toilet.  If the UK could step up with this sort of support, we really would be happy bunnies!

April 13, 2016 12:00 am

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