Healthmatic Universal Toilet Doors

The doors house the toilet systems and provide the most important interface between the client and the cubicle. The balance between user friendliness and anti-vandal is a difficult operation, but our doors are as good as modern equipment allows.

Access Management
The door is fitted with an integrated access management system, allowing for coin, key or button entry. 15 minutes after entry, the door will automatically unlock if the user has not exited.

Coins are collected within the door frame itself, making access very difficult for would-be thieves.

Features: lock jamb with vandal-resistant vacant/occupied indicator lights, concealed cash drawer in centre, hinged access panel with locks, prepared for coin pay unit.

Cubicle Controls
Within the door frame is the cubicle management system. This drives the locking systems, heating, lighting and flush controls within the cubicle. Light and heat is only operated when the cubicle is occupied.

It also allows for the cubicle to be programmed to be open for use at certain times of day, reducing the requirement for manual unlocking and locking.

Electronics package includes: PLC, TD text display, countdown timer, audible message assembly, user counter, lavatory flush control, internal lighting control, door control button, door sensor and occupancy sensor.

Door Construction
The door is manufactured in stainless steel with a front panel in robust and attractive Rimex. It has three hinges and a recessed vandal-resistant pull handle. The door front can be clad in an appropriate material if required.

The doors are designed and constructed by our access partners Bradbury in Scunthorpe. More details are available on their website