Door Access Control

Healthmatic’s door control systems are designed to provide a secure, effective and simple means of access control at the point of entry into a toilet or other space.  This can be used in conjunction with a revenue raising program or simply to control access by different user groups.

The control system is most often fitted in conjunction with a coin based payment and magnetic lock, which will help raise revenue towards the running of a toilet or similar facility.  The controls will develop an audit log which can also be used to monitor numbers and aid the management of costs.

The extremely rugged nature of the unit means it shrugs off vandalism; a 3mm thick stainless steel fascia, anti-jemmy flanges and high quality locks ensure the unit and any cash held is well protected.   This makes it suitable to position in remote unmanned locations.

Entry control systems

  • Coin operated public toilets
  • RFID
  • Keypad code or token
  • Contactless

In each case a full audit trail is prepared by the system which can be printed locally or, where required, be sent direct to the web via GPRS


Public and café toilets, Small pay & display Car Parks,  Hairdryers,  Libraries
In practice, access to just about any publicly accessible asset.


  • Integration with H2 Control Pack to provide remote management
  • Dual tariff system
  • Ticket printer module
  • Post mounting version